Tips on Selling Insurance


Selling insurance can seem like a tough proposition with so much competition. The good thing about insurance is that everyone needs it in some form or fashion. With that information it is absolutely paramount to have a solid knowledge of insurance, a sound marketing effort and firm written goals. When these three items are taken care of, you will get a larger slice of the pie in regards to selling insurance.


  • Policies, laws and new developments in the insurance industry change on a regular basis. Being aware of these changes and rules is of the utmost importance to be able to provide the proper advice planning to new clients. Start subscribing to industry publications and newsletters and join organizations such as The American Insurance Association. These are outlets for new and developing programs that can be relayed to prospective clients.


  • Selling is all about awareness. People need to know you exist if you ever want to sell anything. Marketing is an all-encompassing strategy that relies on the use of different avenues of awareness creation. Start handing out things that people do not discard such as desk calendars, pens and magnets. Place your company name and contact information on these items and distribute them to people for free that have a capable audience to help you. Speak at rotary clubs, chamber of commerce meetings and other avenues that offer you a podium to provide a message of value. Speak to your sphere of influence such as friends and family. Make certain that the people close to you are well aware of what you do.

Goal Creation

  • Without a goal, it can be tough to get a good vision. Make certain that you know what you want. Break it down by policies, income or clients. Goals will be your path to creating clarity. With a clear vision, it becomes far easier to achieve something. Goals allow you to hold yourself accountable to something. Once you have your personal goals set, break that down into making it happen. How many flyers does it take to gain one client? How many phone calls does it take to land one prospect? Figure out how many businesses to contact on a monthly basis.

    All of these are tangible goals that need to be outlaid. When this is done, you will see results. Being effective at selling anything revolves around helping people. To have that opportunity, you must have a firm idea of how many people you need to talk to gain a single client. When you have this number, repeat the steps that it took you to get there. As you become more effective, your selling ratio will improve.


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