Exercises to Lose Fat From Pelvic Region


The pelvic region of the body is surrounded by adipose tissue, which is the fat that accumulates within the midsection and hip area of the body. The two types of body fat are visceral and subcutaneous. Visceral body fat is the actual fat that surrounds and protects your vital organs, while subcutaneous body fat is found in most of your body. To lose weight in your pelvic region, you can perform cardiovascular exercises to strengthen pelvic muscle groups and burn excess fat. Always consult your physician before starting any exercise program.

Arm-Leg Lifts

  • This exercise engages the hip flexors as well as the lower abdominal muscle groups. By strengthening these muscle groups, you will tighten the area, while the cardiovascular benefits of this exercise will reduce the amount of adipose tissue, or body fat. Both beginners and people who exercise regularly can benefit by modifying the intensity and duration of the exercise to fit their level of experience.

    To begin, clear the room of any obstacles and make sure you can move freely without hitting anything. Warm up for two minutes by stretching your quadriceps (thigh muscles) and hamstrings (back of the legs) and then slowly jogging in place. After you have warmed up, begin the exercise by raising both arms above your head. Raise your right leg up in the air, bringing the knee toward your chest. As you raise your right leg, bring your arms down to meet the knee in the middle of your torso. When you lower your right leg, bring both arms back into the air. Repeat this same movement with the left leg and then back to the right leg. For an easier workout, perform this motion slowly; however, for a fat-burning routine, move as quickly as you can for 30 seconds, rest for 45 seconds and continue another set for 30 seconds.

Air Walks

  • This exercise utilizes the lower abdominal muscles throughout the entire movement. It is an excellent exercise to fatigue the lower abdominal muscle group as well as strengthen your hip flexors. Begin by lying on the ground and placing your hands under your hips. You can either keep your head on the floor or you may lift it, whichever is more comfortable.

    Carefully lift your legs in the air, keeping them as straight as possible. Bring both legs up until they are vertical with your hips. Slowly lower the right leg as far down as you can, and as you lift it back in the air, lower the left leg. Repeat this movement; it will feel as if you are walking in the air. Perform a total of 30 repetitions, rest for one minute and begin another set of 30 reps.

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