Craft Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties


Having a craft for the kids to do at a birthday party keeps them busy and helps to keep the party organized. There are many inexpensive crafts that can be fun and can turn into games for the kids to play. Make sure you either request the children bring a craft bib or provide them when they get there so their party clothes don't get messy. That way you can relax and let the kids have fun.

Popsicle Stick Town

  • This craft can be made individually, then put together for the whole group to play with. Each of the children can make her own building with the Popsicle sticks. They can be houses, barns, churches or stores. Have glue, paint, paintbrushes and markers on hand to put together the buildings and decorate them. Ahead of time, draw roads, lawns and pastures on a large plastic picnic table cloth that you can purchase at a dollar store. When the children are done with their buildings, they can create a whole town on the cloth. This can be converted to a battlefield with military men for a boy's party or little pony land for a girl's party.


  • For this craft you will need paper plates, yarn, glue and paints or markers. You also will need scissors to cut out the eyes and mouth. If this is a young child's party, you can cut the eyes and mouth out before the children arrive. You also will need some craft sticks or tongue depressors to make handles for the masks. Give each child a paper plate and let them glue on some yarn hair and draw or paint on a face. They can make them monsters, animals or superheroes. When the masks are dry, glue a stick onto the back, bottom of the plate so the children can hold them up in front of their faces. Then, have the kids guess who's behind the mask.

Egg Crate Flowers

  • Just one cardboard egg crate will make 12 flowers. Cut the cups apart from the egg crate and let the children cut out petals or just decorate the cup with paints, crayons or gluing on glitter. Use pipe cleaners for the stems and leaves. Once each the children have made a couple of flowers, place the flowers in a vase or poke them into some floral foam and put it into a pretty basket. When the children leave, they can pick their flowers to give to their moms.

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