Dress-Up Day Ideas


Dress-up days are common in all schools from elementary schools to high schools. In elementary schools, they are used as a reward to allow children to express their creativity and individualism. In middle and high schools, they are usually days allotted students throughout a basketball or football homecoming week used to motivate students to support their school's team. There are a variety of dress-up day themes from which to choose.

Wacky Dress-Up Day

  • Students of all ages love this dress-up day, especially elementary students. Wacky dress-up day usually consists of mismatched clothing, funky hairstyles and other crazy, over-the-top dress patterns. Older female students who wear makeup may even sport mismatched makeup, extravagant glitter and other wacky trends. One pattern for administrators to address, though, is students' tendency to want to wear undergarments atop clothing. Explain to students that wearing shorts atop pants to set a wacky trend is fine, but wearing underwear, boxers, panties and bras atop clothing is not and any students seen doing so will reap strict consequences.

Historic Dress-Up Day

  • Historic dress-up day is agreeable to students and teachers alike. Not only do students get to dress up in fancy dress, they can, in a sense, learn through this dress-up day as well. Instruct students to base their costume on a historical figure, and encourage them to do so by setting a costume contest. The student with the most historically accurate costume will be pronounced the winner of historic dress-up day and have her picture displayed in the local newspaper. Students can choose from any historical era, included caveman times, medieval times, southern belle times, mythological times and many others. Moreover, their costume can be derived from any country, such as England, France, Greece, America, Spain and others.

Career Dress-Up Day

  • Have students dress up in the manner of their prospective careers. This will not only provide students with a creative dress-up day, it will also cause them to reflect upon what they want to do with their lives. Teachers could instruct students to compose an essay or presentation pertaining to their outfit and chosen career. Such information could include the nature of their career, the origins, the salary, the reason for the particular dress and so on. Again, you can set a contest wherein the student with the best outfit and presentation gets his picture in the local newspaper. This will incite students to conduct meaningful career research, while providing them an innovative dress up day to break the monotony of their schedules.


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