Tips on Natural Treatment for Scabies


As a highly infectious skin condition, scabies is caused by a parasite that burrows under the skin. People from all walks of life can get scabies. The most severe form is called Norwegian scabies, which affects people living in close environments, like nursing homes. For those who want to go the natural route and avoid chemicals, natural cures abound that will leave you scabies-free in weeks.

Natural Topical Treatments

Many herbalists and naturalists suggest killing scabies with tea tree oil. This plant has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties, which are perfect for eliminating scabies. Mix 10 ml of tea tree oil with 90 ml of witch hazel or use the oil on its own. After taking a cool shower and drying off, apply over the infected areas. Wait 10 minutes before putting on any clothing. Neem oil is made from the fruits and seeds of the Azadirachta indica plant. There are two ways that you can use this oil. Add 100 ml of oil into a cool bath or mix 50 ml with an anapestic cream and spread on skin. A very nontoxic approach that is great to use on children is a mixture of sulfur and petroleum jelly. Blend 1 part sulfur with 9 parts petroleum jelly and spread over skin. Keep mixture on for at least 30 minutes before washing off. The benefits of using these two ingredients are their wide availability and child-friendly nontoxic attributes.


This microscopic parasite comprises your immunity, thus making your overall health decline. Take a daily supplement and eat well-balanced meals. Avoid foods that will further suppress your immune system like sugar, processed foods, refined flour and dairy. It is a good idea to limit caffeine, because sleep is already difficult. Garlic is very effective as an anti-parasite and antibiotic nutrient. Primrose oil is commonly used for healing any skin infection including acne. Zinc is one of the number one nutrients for tissue repair. Goldenseal can be either applied topically or ingested to repair the body. To sooth the irritated skin, use calendula or comfrey leaves.


One of the worst problems in treating scabies is that it takes a couple of weeks before you see improvement. In the meantime, clean your home of all scabies and scabies eggs. Take all of your bedding and wash it at a commercial laundry or at home. Use a few drops of Manuka oil to ensure their demise. Scabies is considered a sexually transmitted disease, therefore, it is extremely important to not have physical contact or anyone sleeping over. Vacuum rugs, carpets and bath mats. You can buy a popular parasite spray called, Rid. Don't wait for your scabies to get worse. Treat your symptoms using natural treatments.

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