RV Trailer Tire Pressure Tips


Proper tire inflation is one the most important safety considerations for towing of any kind. It takes on added significance when you are pulling your RV trailer with your family along side. Take the time necessary to have a tire-pressure maintenance routine for your RV trailer. You will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have properly inflated tires, and you will also see improved towing performance.


  • A good quality tire-pressure gauge is an essential tool for anyone pulling an RV trailer. Resist the urge to buy the least expensive model. Instead, ask for assistance from a qualified salesperson at a local auto parts store and get a reliable, accurate, tire-pressure gauge made by a reputable manufacturer.

Recommended Tire Pressure

  • It is important to know the proper tire pressure for your RV trailer tires. Adding air until they look fully inflated is not enough. Look on the sidewall of the tires for the recommended maximum pounds per square inch (PSI). If you don't locate it there, contact the maker of the tire.

Before You Leave

  • The best time to check the tire pressure in your trailer tires is prior to towing, while the tires are still cold. Then the pressure readings you get will not be impacted by any driving/towing conditions. During a trip, you may want to do tire pressure checks in the morning before beginning your trip.

Conditions That Affect Tire Pressure

  • Once you have pulled the trailer for a significant amount of time, the tires will have heated up. This leads to an increase in tire pressure. If you will be driving in hot conditions, consider running your trailer tires at a pressure that is five pounds less than recommended by the manufacturer. Do your tire pressure checks when the RV trailer is parked on level ground, as a trailer with more weight on one side may cause a change in tire pressure, giving you readings that are not consistent with what your tire pressure will be when driving down the road.

Take Air With You

  • It is a good idea to have the ability to add air to the RV trailer tires while you are out on a trip. A way you can do this is to purchase an air tank, or "air pig" as they are known, and fill it before every trip. You may also purchase a portable air compressor. There are lots of models that operate on DC power, and if you have a generator on your trailer, you can bring along a more powerful electric model.

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