Folliculitis Home Remedies


Folliculitis is a skin condition in which the area around hair follicles is red and surrounded by white-head pimples. The condition causes the hair follicles to become itchy, and scratching the infected area can cause the condition to spread while possibly leaving scars. Folliculitis can affect all parts of the body where there is body hair and can cause permanent hair loss.

Home Remedies

  • Using a strong antiseptic soap to wash the infected area several times a day will keep the area clean and stop the spread of folliculitis. The affected area should also be swabbed daily with hydrogen peroxide to kill the infection. Folliculitis makes the skin very itchy and applying a warm, moist compress of 1/4 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup water to the affected area will take away the itch. Dabbing medicated powder over the affected area will also eliminate the urge to scratch and will keep the area dry, which can cause spreading of the condition.

Dealing with Folliculitis

  • When folliculitis is present the infected area should not be shaved, as cuts will help spread the condition. Loose clothing should be worn to eliminate friction against the infected skin follicles. It is important that the infected person not share clothes and towels as this is a sure way of spreading the infection. Avoid creams and lotions as they will clog pores and cause the hair follicles to become more seriously infected.

Seek Medical Treatment

  • In extreme cases, folliculitis can be very painful and a dermatologist should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment. Erythromycin, an antibiotic, is prescribed for these severe conditions and over-the-counter drugs such as cortisone creams can also be applied.

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