Hairstyles for a Long Face

Before choosing a hair style, you should always consider the shape of your face. If you have a long face, you should aim to create width on the sides of your face, which will balance out your long features. Choose hair styles that add volume to the sides of your face, but avoid styles that add volume to the top of your head. There are a number of different haircuts and styles you can choose to create a well-balanced and proportioned look.

  1. Use Bangs to Add Balance

    • Adding bangs to your cut is one of the easiest ways to balance out a long face. However, you should avoid blunt bangs that are cut straight across your forehead. Instead, opt for long, side-swept bangs that can be swept across the forehead. Not only will these bangs add width to your face, but also add instant style to your cut. Side-swept bangs also work nicely for people who are not used to bangs, because they can easily be pinned back or pinned to the side if necessary. It is important to get all bangs trimmed regularly. Talk to your stylist about how often your bangs should be trimmed. Once you are used to your new bangs, you will certainly be pleased with how balanced and stylish you look.

    Try a Chin-Length Bob

    • Although most people tend to shy away from short haircuts when they have a long face, a chin-length bob is a great choice for this face shape. When the hair falls at chin level, it adds width to an oblong face. As an added bonus, there are so many styles you can choose from. The hair may be cut an equal length all the way around the neck. Or, the bob could be angled; the hair falls to your chin in the front and angles back slightly to a shorter length in the back. You can part your hair down the middle for a relaxed look, or part it on the side for a more dramatic and glamorous look. Get creative with curls, waves, smooth ends, or slightly spiky ends. And, interestingly enough, chin-length bobs look great with side-swept bangs. With these two style techniques put together, your long face will instantly look more proportioned.

    Use Layers With Long Hair

    • If you would like to stick with longer hair, you can easily do so without drawing attention to the length of your face. It is recommended that you stay away from very long hair, and instead opt for medium and medium-long hair lengths. One of the best things you can do with long hair is to add layers. Layers help to break apart the length of the hair, creating more width and texture. Keep the layers around your face short--perhaps to chin-length or slightly longer. You may also want to talk to your stylist about a "U" or "V" shaped haircut, which will create short layers in front, leaving the length of the hair in the back. Another way to break up the length of the hair is to add curls or waves. Not only are these styles fashionable, but they also add a lot of width to your face.

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