Marantz Receiver Troubleshooting


For more than 50 years, Marantz has been one of the preeminent companies in the world of high fidelity, creating many of the classic amplifiers of the 1960s and 1970s. While Marantz is not as highly regarded as it once was in years past, the company still creates very good amplifiers, preamplifiers and A/V receivers. Marantz strives to build components that last, but occasionally, a user may have trouble with them.


  • Connection problems can cause a host of issues, from no sound to no picture to no power to sound coming from the wrong speakers. When first troubleshooting a Marantz A/V receiver, check all of the connections to make sure that there are no loose plugs, and that all of the cables are plugged into the proper inputs on the receiver and on the TV. For problems with sound, check both the RCA and digital cable connections, as well as the speaker wire connections to make sure that they are secure.

General Malfunction

  • Sometimes a power surge or discharge can cause problems with the circuits inside of the receiver. Unplug the receiver, wait at least three minutes, then replug the receiver and try to operate it again.

Full Reset

  • Modern Marantz receivers have microprocessors inside of them, and, like with a computer, sometimes the microprocessor will "hang" and need to be reset. Resetting the microprocessor will re-initialize the receiver, so you will need to reprogram your existing settings. Before doing so, it is a good idea to write them down to simplify the process. The reset process can be different for different models of receiver, and the instructions are at the back of the manual. For many receivers, however, turning the unit on and then pressing the "Clear" and "Display Off" buttons together for three seconds on the remote will reset the receiver.

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