Poster Ideas for Football Games


When rooting for your team at a football game, it may be a good idea to come up with a couple of clever poster ideas to hold up to inspire them, show them how big of a fan you are or entertain others in the crowd around you. There are countless things you can write on a poster, or numerous posters for that matter, but they need to be big enough for the players to see from the field to where you are sitting--or big enough for the cameras to make them out.

Poster Ideas for Football Games
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There's always the common posters for the biggest fans of some of the star athletes. These seem pretty run of the mill, with a play on the player's name or something to do with the number on the back of their jersey. If you're only holding up posters to support the team in this fashion, it might be a good idea to make numerous posters highlighting all the star offensive players on the team, as any one of them could make a great play, allowing you to hold up yet another poster to congratulate their efforts.

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As posters are often hard to read and have a limited effect when they stand alone, another inventive solution for getting your point across from the stands is to spread each word or letter from your poster out across numerous people sitting in your row or section. Say you want to send a message to Tom Brady, calling your section "The Brady Bunch." "The" would be on one poster at the top of the section, "Brady" on the next poster in the middle of the section and "Bunch" would be at the bottom of the section. Individual letters per poster are also effective but slightly harder to choreograph.

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Say you want to make fun of a player or a team from the stands, in a jovial, non-offensive way. A series of witty posters directed at the Buffalo Bills, who going into the 2009 season have never won a Super Bowl championship (yet have come painfully close a couple of times), might read "Buffalo Bills: Champs at Choking" as they are losing a playoff game. Just make sure you're not at the home stadium of the team you are mocking. Fans behind you will be much less understanding of you blocking their view.

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