Popliteus Muscle Injury Treatment


The popliteus muscle is a thin, triangular muscle in the back of the knee. Its action bends the knee and rotates the leg. It is easy to strain or injure this muscle, especially if you are a runner or athlete. Once the popliteus is injured, there are ways to treat it at home, though more severe injuries may call for surgery. There are several ways to prevent injuring the popliteus, as well.

At-home treatments

  • A tear, strain or rip to the popliteus can be treated at home, especially if it's caught and treated immediately The most important thing to do is to raise your leg, as the popliteus tendon is between the knee and the thigh. This will alleviate swelling. Additionally, apply ice to the area that is injured, which will lessen swelling. Over the counter anti-inflammatory medications such Ibuprofen may also help.

Treatments for more severe injury

  • If the popliteus is torn or strained severely, you should visit the doctor. Once the injury is determined, several treatments may be implemented. A doctor may wrap or tape the injury, keeping the tendon in place and ensuring its successful healing. If the injury is serious enough, it may warrant a surgery, where it will be re-set to make sure it heals in the correct way.


  • There are several things you can do to prevent a popliteus injury. If you are a runner or athlete, you may consider wrapping your knees to make sure the kneecap doesn't roll. This will keep the popliteus stable and lessen the chances of injury. Also, be sure your shoes have good ankle support and allow you to run and move in a way that keeps your knees stable. Avoid running down hills, and if you must, slow yourself down to be sure you have control.


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