Best Ways to Clean Precious Moments Figurines


Precious Moment figurines are highly collectible porcelain dolls that were first created in the 1970s by Sam Butcher. These large-eyed figurines generally depict children and reflect Christian scenes. The original figurines are cast from a clay mold and the result is a fine bisque porcelain. Ideally, Precious Moment figurines should be stored in an enclosed display cabinet, but if they do get dirty, take special care to clean them.


  • Even in a display case, the figurines will probably pick up dust over time. Because of the delicate recesses and finely formed features, avoid using dust cloths or anything that might snag and break small pieces. Several different size and shaped paintbrushes work best. Use small brushes made for painting on canvas with fine bristles. You can also use a compressed air can, such as those used to clean electronics, or a hair dryer on cool setting.

Dirt and Grime

  • Smudges and accumulated dirt are harder to remove safely, but it is possible to clean them off without damaging the piece. First, try rinsing the figurine under warm running water and gently rubbing the smudge with your finger. If that doesn't work, mix a bowl of warm tap water and mild dish soap. Dip the figurine briefly in the solution and use a soft cloth to clean it. Tape the hole on the bottom of figurine to avoid too much water being absorbed by the porous ceramic. Smoke and cooking grease presents special problems for cleaning the pieces. Precious Moments figurines are most often pale in color and can become discolored easily. Try repeated dipping and cleaning in the water and soap solution. Dry the figuring lightly on a towel after cleaning it in water.

Things to Avoid

  • Precious Moment figurines are made from porcelain, which is more delicate than china. Never put the pieces in a dishwasher or use harsh abrasive cleaners. Do not use bleach on the figurines. Don't let the figuring soak in liquids or it could damage the structure by absorbing water.


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