Gift-Exchange Ideas Under $25


Many offices, clubs and even families use the concept of a gift exchange. Giving this type of gift is often challenging because you may not know who will be receiving it. Gift exchanges also tend to set a price cap to keep the gifts on an even playing field. Working under a $25 price cap, there are several fun and distinctive gifts that you can bring to a gift exchange. Focusing on ideas that can be appropriate for recipients of either sex and of varying ages and preferences will yield the best results in your gift exchange.

Humorous Books

  • Books such as those in "The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook" series make for fun gifts. Themes in the series such as work and college can help you to tailor the book to your gift-exchange audience. A collection of comics in a popular series such as Garfield is appropriate for a wide range of ages and can be enjoyed by either sex. For a gift exchange at work, look for humorous books themed toward office life. Just make sure that your selected title won't be offensive to anyone at the exchange.

Monthly Club Membership

  • Sites such as offer monthly gift memberships that can make for a memorable gift. Many clubs are available for only $20, fitting well within the price guidelines. Examples of such monthly clubs are Salsa of the Month, Barbecue Sauce of the Month, Olive Oil of the Month and Necktie of the Month. You can purchase full memberships for a year's worth of monthly items or for just one or two months at a time.

Office Toys

  • Most drab cubicles could use a little sprucing up. Whether your gift exchange is being held at work, or you simply know that all of the recipients have office jobs, a piece of creative office decor can be a great gift.

    For a bit of break-time entertainment, you could give a Magic 8 ball, such as the sarcastic ball, the Wall Street guru ball or the excuse ball, each of which provides witty and entertaining answers to add a little fun to the work day. Warming gloves that plug into the computer's USB port are perfect for a notoriously chilly office. Even common items such as a Newton's Cradle and squishy stress ball can provide classic office fun.

Green Gifts

  • Many eco-friendly gifts are ideal for gift exchanges because they offer an unusual twist to a common item that anyone can enjoy. The Green Guru Gear Billboard Wallet is a standard wallet made from a recycled billboard. Recycled journals and pencils are perfect for use both in the office and at home. Many eco-friendly soap sets have subtle, nature-inspired scents that can be given to men as well as women. A small potted plant or kit for growing a flower or tree is an eco-friendly gift that will double as a beautiful piece of home or office decor.


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