Office Filing Tips


Working in an office more than likely requires the usage of paperwork. If the office you work in is anything similar to most offices, your need for that paperwork to be organized efficiently is a must. Filing is one of the best methods of keeping your papers in an efficient manner for yourself as well as co-workers and management. How you file your papers will help you get to documents quickly and in an orderly fashion.

The Basics of Filing

Whether or not you file your documents in boxes, file cabinets or on a computer, filing has to have an easy maintenance plan in order to keep up with your company's needs. Simply put, you file for one main reason and that is to know where all of your most needed documentation is located. You should always file in a procedure where anyone can locate files. Filing can be done alphabetically, numerically, geographically, and by date. One of the oldest methods of filing is by using a file cabinet and file folders that can be labeled. You can type or write on the index of the file folder according to how you have decided to file. For example, if you decide to organize and file by months of the year, you would label each file folder by each month, and all of the information that requires being stored by month will go into each file folder with the applicable month. Make sure to label your folders in bold lettering and keep in mind that slightly altering the tabs of each folder can help items get located quickly. Different coloring, or fonts are easy ways to slightly alter folders tabs.

Other Quick Tips for Filing

Labeling the outside of your file boxes or file cabinets can also help items get located quickly. Keep your folders neat by inserting them in "hanging" file folders that attach to the inside of file cabinets. Hanging file folders can also be labeled and it may be easier to label one hanging file folder "January-December" than having 12 regular file folders labeled individually. Keep in mind that your needs will determine the type of filing technique that is best for you. If you need to have information by client names, then filing client names alphabetically may be a great option for you. However, if you need your business information on hand by "when" an event took place, then you would opt for filing by dates. Remember to inform anyone who works with your company files how your filing system works so papers can stay organized and not become confusing.

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