Miscarriage Pain Relief


A miscarriage is painful both physically and emotionally. A miscarriage takes a lot out of a woman, whether she was five weeks pregnant or 15 weeks pregnant. It is a loss and it must be handled gently. An early miscarriage may feel like a bad period with bad menstrual cramps while a later miscarriage may feel much worse because your body may start having contractions. Follow your doctor's orders and try these ideas for miscarriage pain relief to ease your physical and emotional pain.


  • Talk to your doctor about medication that is appropriate for your miscarriage pain. Your doctor may give you narcotic pain medications such as percocet or vicodin if you were further along and started experiencing contractions along with your miscarriage. However, women who are not having as much pain, like those who have had an early miscarriage will be fine with ibuprofen. These medications are used for the cramps and potential backache that may follow the miscarriage.

Heat and Rest

  • Heat helps with the inevitable post miscarriage cramping. Use a warm heating pad and take time to get much-needed rest. Lay down with the heating pad on your lower abdomen to keep circulation moving and help to numb the pain. This is important regardless of at which stage you have had your miscarriage. You may need to rest longer if you had your miscarriage at a later stage.


  • Once you have finished dealing with the physical pain of the miscarriage, it is important to deal with the emotional pain of having lost a baby. Too many people feel that a miscarriage is not a true loss, but a woman who loses a baby in-utero still goes through the same stages of grief as those people that have lost a loved one. It is necessary to deal with these emotions, especially before becoming pregnant again. You may find solace in friends or family. You may also find support from support groups either in your community or online. These women have been through the same thing you have and will be able to offer support and advice. If you find that you need more help than they can provide, then you should seek help from a professional therapist who can help you talk through your emotions. Above all else, you need to talk through your emotions.

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