Ideas for Hanging Quilts


Making a quilt can be a satisfying process. Choosing the fabrics and stitching them together in a grouping of blocks makes an enjoyable project for many. When the quilt is complete, there are different ways to use it. You can use it to snuggle under for warmth, or you can hang a quilt on the wall to display. There are a variety of interesting ways to display a quilt on a wall.

Quilt Clips

  • Quilt clips resemble clothespins and come in a variety of different styles. There are many quilt clips that are whimsical in nature and designed to complement the décor of children's rooms. Other quilt clips are more simple and utilitarian. Quilt clips typically come in a set for hanging a quilt.

    Hang a quilt with quilt clips by first determining the desired placement of the quilt. Determine where to install the quilt hooks so that they can hold the quilt up at each upper corner. If the quilt is heavy, add one or two additional hooks along the top of the quilt.

    Mount the hooks into the wall with screws in the same way you would mount a picture onto the wall. Often mounting hardware is included with the hooks. Make sure the quilt will be level between the hooks. Hang the quilt from the hooks by opening the hooks and sliding the quilt in between the hook mechanism. Close the hooks around the quilt to finish.

Hanging Rod

  • Hang a quilt with a hanging rod. A useful hanging rod is simply a curtain rod that is the proper length for the quilt. Use a rod that is approximately 2 inches shorter than the width of the quilt and conceal the rod behind the quilt, or use a rod that is longer than the width of the quilt and attach decorative finials to the ends of the rod for added décor.

    Sew a sleeve with openings on each side to the top of the back of the quilt. The sleeve should end approximately 1 inch before each side edge of the quilt. The sleeve must also be wide enough to accommodate the hanging rod passing through it.

    Determine the desired placement of the quilt on the wall. Place one pencil mark at the upper right corner for placement. Use a level to determine the placement for the upper left corner of the quilt. Use nails at each upper corner to attach the hanging rod to the wall.

Quilt Ladder

  • If wall space is limited, a quilt ladder is a suitable option. A quilt ladder is a special wooden ladder that leans against a wall and has several rungs to use for hanging folded quilts. Fold up to six quilts, and place them on the rungs for easy and attractive display.

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