Paper Quilt Ideas for Kids


Creating a paper quilt is a fun project for a group of kids to work on together. Start by making individual drawings or collages, and get a parent to help you put them all together. A paper quilt can be the cover for a scrapbook, a decoration for the refrigerator, or even a wall hanging for your room.

Pick Your Paper

  • Think about what kinds of paper products you want for your squares. Construction paper is easy to draw on and cut, and comes in lots of colors. You can use gold or silver foil for shiny sections. Butcher or freezer paper is good if you want to write words on your quilt. You might also pick out some textured paper, like crepe paper, to make a border.

Design Your Quilt

  • Decide what kind of artwork you want for your quilt. You can make abstract designs or do individual drawings. If you draw pictures, plan to leave plenty of room at the edges of your squares; this makes for a neater look. Think about combining colors for harmony and for contrast, and draw special attention to some squares by using glue and glitter. Don't forget to decide how big your squares are going to be, and keep in mind that they should all be the same size. Cut them out carefully.

Share the Work

  • Assign the squares to individual artists. For example, if you want a paper quilt that measures three squares by four squares, and there are four individuals to help, each should do three squares. Decide how long to work and manage your time. If one person finishes early, maybe he or she can help someone else.

Put It Together

  • The last part of the project is putting the squares together. Lay them out according to your design and attach the edges. Some people use a stapler. Others prefer glue or tape, or even a hot glue gun. If you decide to use something sharp (like staples) or hot (like a glue gun), than an adult should do this part. When the squares are together, attach the border if you are using one. Be sure to give glue time to dry.


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