Inch to Cubic Centimeter Conversion


Cubic measurements measure volume. A cubic inch is equal to 0.035 pint, 0.017 quart, 0.0043 gallon, 0.0164 liter, 0.554 fluid ounce and 16.387 cubic centimeters. The cubic centimeter can be used interchangeably with the milliliter; therefore one cubic centimeter equals one milliliter. The cubic centimeter (abbreviated "cc") is used for measurements in the automotive industry and for medical dosage amounts.

Cubic Inches

  • The formula for converting cubic inches to cubic centimeters is: Cubic Inch x 16.387 = Cubic Centimeters. Therefore, you must first find your cubic inch measurement. For example, if you have a cube the sides of which all measure two inches, you would multiply 2 x 2 x 2 to get the product of 8.

Converting to Cubic Centimeters

  • Multiply the number eight by the conversion factor of 16.387. The equation would look like this:
    8 x 16.387 = 134.096.
    Your conversion would be: Six cubic inches equals 134.096 cubic centimeters.

Reverse Conversion

  • If you happen to have the measurement in cubic centimeters, and you want to convert back to cubic inches, you must divide the cubic centimeters by 16.387. For instance, if your cubic centimeter measurement is 147.483, you would perform the following equation:
    147.483 / 16.387 = 9.
    Therefore, 147.483 cubic centimeters equals 9 cubic inches.


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