Hamilton Beach Blender Instructions


Hamilton Beach is a leading manufacturer of kitchen appliances and products, including blenders. There are a vast variety of blenders from plastic to glass and from two-speed to twelve-speed. While each blender is different, there are general instructions that apply to most.

Safety Instructions

  • According to Hamilton Beach, there are many safety precautions users should take when using one of their blenders, the first being to read all the instructions. If you do not have your manual anymore, visit hamiltonbeach.com and select Costumer Support on the top tool bar and then choose Use & Care Guides. From there you will select Blender and then your model number, at which time a link to the user manual will appear. Click on the link. You may want to print the manual for future reference by clicking on the printer icon on the top tool bar or by selecting "File" and then "Print."

    Some of the safety instructions include not to use the blender if its jar is broken, chipped or cracked and if the plug or cord is damaged in any way. Never put anything in the blender while it is on, and only use Hamilton Beach attachments designed for your specific model blender. Only use the blender when the lid is screwed on tightly and use caution when handling the sharp blades. Again read the directions to adhere to all Hamilton Beach safety precautions; just a few are mentioned here.

Use Instructions

  • Be sure your blender is assembed correctly before each use. Check your manual for a pictorial guide. Usually, the order from bottom to top of how things are attached is the base, safety base, cutting blades, gasket, jar, seal, lid and filler cap. If this is your first time using it, you will need to wash it (not the base) in hot soapy water before assembling.

    Put the items you are blending in the jar and screw the lid on tight before turning the blender on. Select a speed. Usually, the more pureed you want your food or drink, the higher the setting; the less you want something blended, the lower the setting. You can carefully add more items while the blender is on by removing the filler cap. If you are blending hot items, the filler cap must remain off the entire time to prevent pressure from buiding up inside the jar that will be released when you unscrew the lid.

    Your Hamilton Beach blender may have special settings, like Puree, Crumb and Grate. Select Puree when you making things like baby food, Crumb to make bread crumbs and Grate to grate Parmesan cheese. If the blender has an Ice Breaker button, you must add water to the jar until it is half full before adding ice. Then you will need to drain off the water when done.

Cleaning Instructions

  • Wash your Hamilton Beach blender after each use. Do not submerge the base in water. Take apart the blender and wash each piece by hand in hot soapy water, being careful with the blades. You usually can wash the jar in the dishwasher, but check your specific model's owner's manual to be sure. Reassemble the pieces when they are all dry.

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