Top Yoga Exercises for Knee Pain


There are many treatments for knee pain, including physical therapy, pain relievers, and surgery. However, certain yoga exercises are proven to alleviate pain, due to the exercises' low-intensity nature and lack of wear and tear on the knees.

Corpse Pose

  • To complete this yoga exercises, lie on your back, arms at your sides and palms facing upwards. From there, stretch yourself out, as if someone is pulling your head from your feet, moving your legs down from your pelvis and your shoulders away from the neck. Breathe deeply from your abdomen, and hold the pose for several minutes. After completing the exercise, bend your knees and resume a sitting position.

Leg Raises

  • To complete this yoga exercise, lie on your back with arms at your sides. From there, inhale as you raise your right leg as high as possible, lowering as you exhale. Repeat this step with the left leg, then perform each leg exercise three more times. From there, as you inhale, raise your right leg, then grip it with both hands as you pull it towards you, keeping your head down. Repeat this exercise with the left leg.

Stand Spread Forward Leg Fold

  • Stand tall with your arms at your sides. From there, jump so that your feet are approximately four feet apart, with heels turned slightly outward. Bring your hands together in the prayer position, keeping your hands up against your chest. At that point, bend your upper body from the hip until your body is halfway parallel to the floor, and stretch your neck.

Wind Relieving Pose

  • Lie flat on your back, arms at your side. Raise your left knee, then wrap your hands around it. Raise your head towards the knee, breathe, and release. Repeat this process with the right leg, and repeat the process for each leg as much as you see fit. This exercise goes a long way in stretching out the knees.

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