Mini Desserts in Shot Glasses


A creative way to introduce mini desserts to your family or guests is to serve the tasty treats in shot glasses. You can incorporate an adult party theme with this idea and serve them to someone on her 21st birthday instead of a cake. Other ideas can come to mind such as festive holiday themes and delectable goodies you wouldn't think of eating in a cup.

Adults Only

  • Celebrate a friend's 21st birthday by making a special gelatin cocktail. Make a batch of lime-flavored Jello by following the directions on the box. Only use half of the water that is recommended, and substitute the other half with Malibu Rum. Mix the Jello and pour the liquid into the shot glasses. Let them sit in the freezer on a serving tray for about an hour. Decorate the glasses by spraying whipped cream on top of the Jello.

No-bake Desserts

  • Purchase a box of no-bake dessert from your local grocer. The flavor possibilities can range from fudge and caramel to no-bake cheesecake. Follow the directions on the box, and instead of adding the mixture to a pan or serving dish, spoon it into separate shot glasses and top with whipped cream and crumbled graham cracker. Add a little variety to your dessert and make two different flavors of the no bake dessert. 12 cups of no-bake cheesecake and 12 cups of chocolate mousse with marshmallows will make everyone at your dinner party happy.

Holiday Treats

  • Add a festive touch to all of your desserts, making no exception for shot glass treats. For Halloween make a spooky dessert that your whole family will love. Mix a batch of instant chocolate pudding, and then put a pack of Oreo cookies in a plastic baggie. Use a rolling pin to completely crush the Oreo cookies, and use a spoon to scoop out the crumbs. Put about a tablespoon full of these crumbs into the shot glass, then put a tablespoon of chocolate pudding on top of it. Continue layering this way until you reach the top of the shot glass. Sprinkle some Oreo crumbs on top and put a Gummy Worm halfway into it.


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