Home Cures for a Toothache


There is no getting away from the pain of a toothache. The throbbing sensation that travels from your jaw to your ear will not let you forget that it is there. If you cannot get to a dentist for a few days because it is the weekend or he is booked, try these home cures. They are sure to ease even the sharpest of tooth pain.

Home Toothache Cures

One of the most successful home cures is to rub some whiskey on the tooth. You can do this with your finger or a cotton swab. It might take a minute or two of rubbing but it will relieve the pain.You can also put a few teaspoonfuls in your mouth and swish it around the tooth that is in pain.

The ice massage on the opposite hand does help. It has to do the way the brain works. It is done on the opposite side of the body from the toothache because the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and vice versa. Take an ice cube and rub it into the area between the thumb and index finger. Do it for as long as you can stand the cold. This elevates the pain by channeling your brain to concentrate on something else.

Garlic clove and salt is a remedy that has become popular. You take a piece of garlic and sprinkle some salt onto it. Next you place it around the base of the tooth that is hurting. This only takes a few minutes to take effect.

More Home Toothache Cures

Onion has some antibacterial properties. This might be the reason that it is very helpful in easing the pain of a toothache. You take a small piece of fresh onion and wrap it around the tooth the best you can. The pain should subside in a few minutes.

Lime is rich in Vitamin C and is also a good prescription for ridding the pain of a tooth ache. It is very simple to do. Cut a small wedge of lime and wrap it around the tooth that is causing you pain. After a few minutes, the pain is gone.

This is a remedy that anyone who has had a toothache has tried. It works. It is also something everyone has in the house--table salt. Warm water mixed with a few teaspoonfuls of regular table salt can be used as a mouth rinse. Put it in your mouth and swish it around the painful tooth. It will take away the pain after a few minutes.

See the Dentist When You Can

These home cures work to alleviate the pain of a toothache for a short time. There is a reason you have a toothache and it could lead to an infection. As soon as possible, you should see a dentist.

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