SpongeBob Birthday Party Games


A SpongeBob party is an underwater adventure--make children feel as if they are entering SpongeBob's goofy world. Decorations, an outdoor area for water games, and activities inspired by SpongeBob and his undersea friends make for a pulled-together theme. Children may like to pretend they are SpongeBob or his pal, Patrick, when playing games.

Water Games

  • A water fight with sponges is easy to set up. Divide the children into two teams. Provide each team with a tub of water and sponges. Establish rules for throwing the sponges and safe lines for each team.

    You can set up a sponge toss two ways. The first is to make a SpongeBob cutout from wood or plastic. Cut holes for the mouth and eyes and have each child try to throw a wet sponge through the holes. Assign points for each hole and give a prize to the child with the best aim. The second type of sponge toss is a contest to see who can throw a wet sponge the farthest.

    Bubble games are fun for younger children. Provide several types of bubble wands and let the children make bubble creations. Have a contest to see who can make the largest bubble.

Party Games

  • Sponge-painting a large mural allows the children to get creative. Supply different types of sponges, such as natural, synthetic and sponge brushes. Cover a wall, preferably outdoors, with white paper and let the children paint a scene. You can get things started by creating a large SpongeBob in the middle of the paper and encouraging the children to fill in an underwater scene around him.

    A crab walk relay or race can become Mr. Krabs' crab walk. Have the children sit on their bottoms and then lift themselves into the table position, supporting themselves with their hands and legs with their stomachs in the air. Set up line markers and have the children race doing the crab walk.

    Hold an under-the-sea treasure hunt inside or outdoors. Hide treasures or seashells children can find to win prizes. Or set up a hunt with clues, and have the final clue lead to a treasure chest filled with goody bags. Treasures can be SpongeBob-related items, seashells, chocolate coins, and pirate jewels and necklaces.

Fun Decorations and Food Ideas

  • To decorate for a SpongeBob theme, hang pictures of starfish, jellyfish and crabs. Hang a fishing net or use it as a tablecloth. Create strips of seaweed and hang them from the ceiling or outside from trees branches. Decorate the entry with blue shiny paper to make guests feel as if they walking underwater.

    Food options include Krabby Patty hamburgers and Krusty Krab french fries. Cut up a pineapple to eat and use one or two whole ones as decoration. For a treat, make Sandy Candy out of colored sugar. The birthday cake could be shaped like a sand bucket, Patrick the starfish or SpongeBob.

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