Outdoor Baby Shower Games


With the right location and weather, a baby shower can take place outside. Outdoor showers give you lots of room to play games that involve movement and activities that would make a mess indoors. Co-ed outdoor showers give the guys a chance to stretch their legs and enjoy the fresh air, instead of cooped up with a bunch of women and frilly gifts.

Diaper Dash

  • Have two people partner up to form a team. The object of the game is for them to change a baby doll's diaper as quickly as possible, carry the dirty diaper across a long stretch and put the diaper in the trashcan--all without using their hands. This can get really funny as people struggle to change the diaper and then run with it. Usually one person changes the diaper with no hands and passes it to her partner, who does the diaper dash run. This is a suitable game for outdoors because you don't want the "dirt" falling out of the dirty diapers. The dirt can be anything you want, like chocolate candies or pudding.

    This is best done as a race, with several teams lined up at once. However, if the space doesn't allow you to have multiple teams go at once, you can time each team with a stop watch and keep track of their times. The fastest team to complete the task wins a prize.

Baby Stroller Racetrack

  • Create an obstacle course with cones, a starting line and finish line. Give each racer a stroller and baby doll. The object of the game is to see who can get to the finish line first without losing his baby. If the baby falls out, he has to go back and start over again. You can do this as group, in which identical courses are set up side by side so participants can race each other, or one at time, using a timer to track the racers and see who's fastest. This can be a lot of fun to record so that everyone can laugh at themselves later.

Make Me Pregnant

  • The point of this group game is to make someone look as pregnant as possible in three minutes' time. You'll break up into groups of four or five people. Each group has to pick one person to be the pregnant one. That person will put on an oversized shirt and pants. The team members will have three minutes to blow up balloons and stuff them in the pregnant one's clothes. At the end of three minutes, the group with the most stuffed balloons wins. A variation of this game uses water balloons. Try to get as many stuffed in the clothes in one minute's time, and then pop them so you can say, "My water just broke."

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