What Are the Health Benefits of Charcoal Tablets?


Activated charcoal tablets have the capacity to adsorb a large amount of chemicals. Adsorb means that the charcoal can hold chemical molecules to its surface. Charcoal's capability has made these tablets desirable and widely used in industries that specialize in products for home improvement and personal health. The tablets are a beneficial addition to first aid kits that people keep in their campers, cars and houses.

Charcoal tablets
Charcoal tablets (Image: Roman Ivaschenko/Hemera/Getty Images)

First Aid for Brown Spider Bites

Bites from brown recluse spiders, scorpions or hornets can be treated with an immediate treatment of activated charcoal tablets. Use the charcoal tablet by wrapping it in a cloth and pounding into poultice. Then lay the cloth on the bite. The charcoal inside the poultice wrap helps to carry toxins out of the body by its adsorbent properties. While this treatment can be effective, it is still important to see a physician as soon as possible after receiving a bite.

Spider in sink
Spider in sink (Image: Alistair Scott/iStock/Getty Images)

Air Filters for Allergies and Asthma

Those people who suffer allergies brought on by pollutants in the air inside their homes, air filters with charcoal inserts might help. They can be found on the Internet as well as in home improvement centers. The charcoal tablet in the air filter works as the pollutants in the air enter the filter and are adsorbed by the charcoal. This characteristic is especially important for people with asthma or those who have allergies to particles in the air. The charcoal inserts can also have the benefit of helping get rid of odors.

Woman taking inhaler
Woman taking inhaler (Image: Wavebreakmedia Ltd/Wavebreak Media/Getty Images)

Poison Control

If someone accidentally ingests or absorbs poison, food-grade charcoal tablets have been known to help. Some poisons that can be neutralized by charcoal tablets include carbon dioxide, chlorine and hemlock. The charcoal tablet is ingested into the body as soon as possible after the poison has been swallowed. The charcoal will then adsorb the poison, thus attaching it to itself on its journey through the body. This chemical reaction between the charcoal and the poison will limit the damage that the poison could ordinarily cause to the body. Although charcoal tablets can be used as a first measure, always call the poison control center first if someone ingests any form of poison.

House hold cleaners
House hold cleaners (Image: Katrina Brown/iStock/Getty Images)

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