Natural Cure for Extreme Fatigue

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Although many people experience periods of fatigue, many others are plagued with extreme fatigue that can last for days or even weeks at a time. This chronic fatigue is not only detrimental to their emotions as it can be emotionally disturbing to continuously be exhausted, but it can cause severe complications to other areas of their life if they are too tired to function at work.

Causes of Extreme Fatigue

  • Many different factors can contribute to extreme fatigue. One of the leading causes of chronic, extreme fatigue is a poor diet. When we fail to supply our bodies with the necessary nutrients that it needs, it can shut down and cause us to become exhausted in a means to get us to rest so that our body can repair damaged cells.

    Stress is also a major cause of extreme fatigue. When we are constantly stressed, the mental tension that we feel causes the rest of our body to become tensed up and unable to relax. As our body's muscles remain tensed, enormous amounts of energy are expended which leaves us feeling constantly exhausted.

    Many medical conditions can contribute to extreme fatigue. Vitamin deficiencies and conditions such as anemia often lead to extreme tiredness.

Extreme Fatigue Treatment

  • The first step in naturally treating extreme fatigue is to evaluate your diet. Whether a poor diet is the leading cause of your fatigue or not, changing your diet to include all-natural, whole foods will help to restore energy and provide your body with the nutrients it needs to function properly.

    Although changing your diet to include rich, nutritious foods will help provide energy and combat fatigue, you should also consider adding certain supplements to your diet. Magnesium and potassium can help to protect your body against fatigue and are minerals that many people often lack adequate amounts of, as are sodium and zinc. Adding a calcium supplement is also important because it helps your body to relax naturally and rest, which will also help to prevent fatigue from occurring.

    Whether your extreme fatigue is stress related, using certain stress reducing techniques can also help to reduce fatigue. Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises and light physical exercise daily will help to reduce muscle tension that can drain your body of energy. These techniques also help to promote healthy cellular function which can reduce fatigue that is caused by other factors.

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