Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Treatment

People with moderate to severe hemorrhoids often fear they will have to undergo surgery to eliminate this painful and embarrassing condition. Fortunately, hemorrhoids can be treated non-surgically in the vast majority of cases. A combination of lifestyle changes, over-the-counter remedies, and prescription medications can make an excellent non-surgical defense against the condition.

  1. Lifestyle Changes

    • A high-fiber diet can relieve hemorrhoids by eliminating the need to strain during bowel movements. Patients with hemorrhoids should also make an effort to relax while defecating and avoid sitting on the toilet for a prolonged period of time. The anal area should also be kept clean and dry, and it is best to cleanse the area with a moistened towelette or medicated pad. Soaps, wash cloths, and dry toilet paper can be irritating to the area.

    Over-the-Counter Remedies

    • Creams, suppositories and ointments are highly effective non-surgical hemorrhoid treatments. Many of these topical remedies include corticosteroids like hydrocortisone, or local anesthetics like benzocaine. Witch hazel, found in Tuck's pads, can help to shrink hemorrhoids and soothe discomfort. Nutritionists often recommend rutin, a bioflavinoid, as a supplement to treat hemorrhoids naturally.

    Prescription Treatments

    • Non-surgical prescription treatments for hemorrhoids include prescription pain relievers and corticosteroid suppositories. In rare cases, hemorrhoids may temporarily require treatment with pain-relievers such as prescription-strength ibuprofen or a low-dose narcotic. Many doctors also prescribe steroidal suppositories to decrease inflammation in the rectum. Prescription stool softeners may also be necessary to reduce straining during bowel movements.

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