Cures for Derealization


Derealization is characterized as an emotional sense that the outside world has a feel of unreality. It involves the emotion that one’s living space has no merit and reality is skewed, along with a sense of detachment. Places that were once natural have an alien feel to it. It can carry over into the sense of smell, taste and hearing. Constant worrying or foreign thoughts dominate. It is considered to be a dissociative side effect that is the result of a multitude of conditions.

The Causes of Derealization

Derealization can be caused by a multitude of neurological problems that include: head injuries, epilepsy, migraines, caffeine or antidepressants. Psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder can also be the culprit. It can also be caused by drugs, stress caused by anxiety or sleep deprivation. In addition, it can be a side effect from the withdrawal from alcohol or benzodiazephine. They can all be factors that create a world of misperception for those struggling with derealization. The root of the disorder is because the brain is obtaining signals from the vestibular nerves that are confused due to the damage to the vestibular nerves.

The Symptoms of Derealization

A common symptom of derealization is when the person is in the middle of a conversation with someone and then suddenly feels a sense of isolation and confusion, as if under a spell. They feel as if they are a dazed foreigner in the situation. It is a feeling of disassociation that can give the sense that objects seem smaller with a glistening look to them. Sometimes, it leaves such a powerfully distressful sense that it takes days to force the memory out of their mind. Or when a person is under continual stress and pressure sometimes there is a steady assembling of chemicals. This causes a response that is a belated delay in its communication in the brain.

Curing Derealization

The first best avenue of dealing with the feeling of disconnection from the world is to understand that it will pass. Just try to allow yourself to relax and give into it. It’s just a phase and requires patience. Find a good counselor who can help to work through the root for the reason for the derealization episode. Try to find avenues to work through and eliminating it altogether. Drug therapies are highly helpful.

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