Food Science Experiments for Kids

Teaching children to appreciate science can be a difficult task, especially if all the textbooks bore them. Getting creative and incorporating food and treats with science experiments is a good way to spark their interests and possibly even amaze them with some of the cool things that can be done with food. Before instructing the children in a food experiment, it is important to send a permission slip out to their parents at least a week in advance, so they can have time to notify you of any food allergies the kids might have.

  1. Invisible Ink

    • Teaching kids how to make invisible ink using food materials can be exciting and they will learn about the chemistry of these foods without even realizing it. Conduct an experiment with a spy theme by having the children write secret messages to one another using a paintbrush or cotton swab, dipped in a solution of one part baking soda to one part water. After the children have finished writing their secret messages, give them each a cup of grape juice. When they dip their paint brushes into the grape juice and wipe it over the invisible messages, the acid in the juice will react with the baking soda, allowing the messages to become visible.


    • Teaching your students about geyser eruptions can be enhanced by conducting a simple experiment using Mentos candy and normal Cola. For your materials you will need a three-liter bottle of cola and three standard rolls of Mentos candy. Empty the bottle about halfway and then quickly drop the candies into the mouth of the bottle. Within seconds the cola will shoot out violently into the air like the Old Faithful geyser. It is important to only conduct this experiment outdoors.


    • By simply using equal parts of cornstarch and water, you can recreate the phenomena known as quicksand. Kids will be excited by how the substance that results from this mixture seems to be both a liquid and a solid, and it will allow you to explain the chemical reactions that occur with the particles of cornstarch and water combining. You can also use this as an opportunity to let the kids play with something messy.

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