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Retro costumes are blasts from the past. When people talk about retro costumes, they are referring to outfits or items from previous decades. Often, they are referring to the 1970s and the 1980s. Retro costumes are popular, and many people are having retro parties. These outfits are not just for Halloween anymore. Try a retro costume to make you think of days gone by. Really get into the spirit by adding a few extra touches to your costume.

Rubik's Cube

  • To many people, the Rubik's cube is an icon of the 1970s. The Rubik's cube was a popular toy for teenagers and kids. Now it's back. Start your Rubik's cube costume by finding a large box. It should be one that you could fit inside of. Cut the bottom and top flaps off the box with a box cutter. In a well-ventilated area, spray paint the entire box black, inside and out. Then, paint nine small squares on each side of the box. Use bright colors and make sure each side of the box has the same variety of colors. Then, make some suspenders to hold up the costume. You could use fabric straps that go over your shoulders to hold the box up. Wear black clothing underneath your box.

Disco King

  • The discos were full in the 1970s and 1980s. People loved disco and disco dancing. Go to the party looking like you are ready to get the party started. For guys it's simple: You'll need a polyester leisure suit and and polyester long-sleeved shirt to go with it. The more contrast between the suit and shirt, the better. Try to find snug-fitting clothing. Top off your look by unbuttoning your shirt and showing off a necklace or two. Slick your hair back with some mouse or gel or buy a cool afro wig. If your hair is longer, brush it into wings, then spray them into place with hairspray. Top off your outfit with the right smell. Use an old cologne like Old Spice or Brut. You'll be the star of the show with this outfit.

Disco Queen

  • Ransack the thrift stores to find the right dress, unless you are lucky enough to still have this number hanging in your closet. To be a Dancing Queen you'll need to be dressed like you are headed to the disco. Find a long dress with slits down the sides. Spaghetti straps and sequins or shiny beads will make it even more disco. Add some platform heels and you've got a disco queen outfit. Make up is important to this look. You'll need to go heavy and black on the eyeliner. Use eyeliner both above and below your eyes. Use frosted eyeshadows in three or more colors. Lip gloss gives lips that moist disco look.


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