Marginata Plant Care


Marginata plant, also referred to as dracaema marginata or dragon plant, is a member of the dracaema family. The marginata plant is very versatile and often found in malls, offices and homes. In southern Florida, it can be grown outdoors.


  • Mature marginata plants are inexpensive and readily available, so most people simply purchase the plant, though they can be started from cuttings. Marginata prefers to be slightly root bound and should be repotted only to freshen the soil or after several years when the plant is quite root bound. Even then, select a pot that is only one size larger. Use a well draining, loamy soil mix that does not contain much perlite because marginata is sensitive to fluoride, a common ingredient in perlite. The ideal time of year for re-potting is in the spring before a new growing season begins, but any time of the year is acceptable if the plant is not thriving.

Light and Temperature

  • One of the main attractions of dracaena marginata is that it can grow in low light and under fluorescent lights. It will flourish in bright, indirect light but direct sunlight can damage the leaves. When you purchase a marginata plant, it probably has been acclimated to a low light level by the grower. Introduce it to more light gradually if you plan to eventually place it in a brighter light situation.
    Dracaena marginata does best in temperatures around 75 degrees F and does not tolerate temperatures lower than 60 degrees F. The marginata needs the humidity at 30 percent or higher. If your home is drier, particularly during the winter, occasionally mist the plant with water.

Water and Fertilizer

  • When watering your marginata, let the soil dry out a little between watering. Water thoroughly when the soil surface feels dry to the touch, and do not allow the pot to stand in water. Marginata plants can tolerate periods of under watering better than over watering.
    Marginatas do not need regular feeding and fertilizing. In fact, care should be taken when fertilizing using a diluted strength of liquid fertilizer. Make sure the fertilizer does not contain superphosphate, which often has high levels of fluorine, a chemical marginata is sensitive to that cause yellow leaf tip damage.

Additional Tips

  • Marginata are relatively pest free, but can be invaded by mites if the humidity is low. Wash the mites off the leaves and use a household plant insecticide for mite control.
    You can prune your marginata. Simply cut the marginata to the height you want and new growth will appear.


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