Neopets Whack a Kass Tips

Whack a Kass, now known as Kass Basher, is a game where you play as a blue blumaroo, and you try to hit the kass as far as you can. The farther you hit kass, the better your score will be and the more neopoints you will win. To begin, you first choose which type of device you will use to hit the kass and the game goes from there.

  1. The Bat

    • When you first begin your game, you will be prompted to choose a device to use to whack the kass. You can choose from bread, a stick or a bat. The bat is just as easy as the other two, plus it allows you to hit kass farther, which in turn gives you a higher score and more neopoints. Always select the bat.

    The Wind

    • Hit the kass when the wind speed is at eight or nine. Never hit the kass when the wind speed is any lower because the kass will not get very far. The wind speed is shown in the bottom left hand corner of your game screen. It shows how many meters per second the wind is moving. To make the game go faster, you can hit the mouse or space bar to make the kass fall from the tree. Instead of hitting the kass, just let it fall to the ground and start the game over. Keep doing this until you begin a game where the wind speed is at eight or nine. This should happen about once every three or four tries.

    The Hit

    • Hit the kass on the tip of his beak. After you hit the mouse or the space bar, the kass will begin to fall. Playing in large mode might help you see when to hit the kass easier. To do this, before you begin the game select the "large" option under the words "select game size" from the main screen. When the kass falls, hit him on the beak just as he reaches the top of the mound in the background.


    • Hold down the space bar or mouse button when you hit the kass. As he flies in the air, he will turn to be parallel to the ground. At this moment, release your space bar or mouse button. He will flap his wings and then fall to the ground. Hit your mouse button or space bar each time he hits the ground to allow him to bounce back up and reach a further distance.


    • Score at least 850 points or more to get the avatar. For every 100 points you score, you will earn 125 neopoints. The limit is 1,000 neopoints per game, which is very easy. You can play three times each day. You can also get a bronze, silver or gold trophy for getting on the high score table. Click the link at the top of the game screen that says "Hi Scores" to see what score is required to get a trophy.

    Drackonack Secret

    • If your kass lands around the 815 meter mark, click the rock. A drackonack will come out to measure your distance instead of the normal turtum. This does not give you anything extra but is fun to see.

    The Tree

    • Take advantage of the situation if you randomly are given the tree instead of the bat. This happens at random once in a great while but, it can give you very high scores. Always whack the kass, no matter what the wind speed is, if you get the tree. You can always wait for the speed to raise.

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