Acne Skin Care for Black Women

Trying to achieve perfect skin can be difficult. This battle is an especially sore subject for black women, due to the sensitive needs of black skin. Black skin is more prone to a number of different skin conditions. The good news is that black women can control their acne and other skin problems to achieve a smooth, beautiful complexion. The best part? It's easier than it seems.

  1. Beautiful Skin From the Inside-Out

    • The key to beautiful skin is to start from the inside. A healthy diet, proper exercise and plenty of water will do more to help prevent and treat acne than any expensive treatment can.

      Many dermatologists agree that a healthy diet can do wonders to improve the texture and clarity of the skin. The vitamins and minerals found in food are the basic building blocks of cells and are needed to keep cells strong and fighting off bacteria. A healthy diet includes several small meals comprised of the major food groups along with daily consumption of a multivitamin. In addition, it's important to consume at least 64 ounces of water each day. Water is also vitally important to cellular health and when skin is properly hydrated, it shows.

      A regular exercise routine also supports overall skin health. Exercise helps the body's organs, including skin, maintain proper function. A moderate-to-intensive exercise regimen performed at least three times per week will help maintain proper oxygen levels throughout the body, a key component to healthy skin cells.

    Specialized Skin Care Regimens

    • Once black women maintain a proper lifestyle, maintaining an acne-preventing skin care regimen is much easier. First of all, black women should use a gentle cleanser designed to moisturize the skin while washing off oil, bacteria and make-up. Next, follow up with a moisturizer. Why a separate cleanser and moisturizer? Black skin tends to dry more easily than other skin types and looks ashy. Well-balanced, moisturized skin is ideal to preventing acne.

      Next, apply a topical acne treatment to treat blemishes and prevent new ones. There aren't specialized acne treatments for black skin; however, ask your dermatologist to help you find a proper topical treatment. Common ingredients in topical treatments include benzyl peroxide and salicylic acid--both of which can cause discoloration and dryness on black skin.

      In addition, black women should refrain from picking their acne blemishes. Black skin is especially susceptible to keloids and permanent scarring.

    When to Seek Professional Help

    • While there isn't a fail-proof way to cure acne and prevent future breakouts, maintaining a proper diet and skin care routine is the key to healthy, beautiful skin. Black women who suffer from particularly treacherous acne breakouts should seek the help of professional dermatologists trained in the art of skin care. Dermatologists can recommend effective products and prescribe medical-strength treatments to cure nasty acne outbreaks at their core.

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