Preparation for Moving Out of State


While there's a lot involved in moving out of state, as long as you keep a to-do list, there's no need to get overwhelmed. Moving out of state requires some work on the phone, but if you can take care of certain tasks online (like disconnecting and reconnecting utilities), you may save a great deal of time.

Change of Address

  • Inform your bank, credit card companies, creditors, family, friends and coworkers of your move. Don't forget to fill out a change of address form with the United States Post Office so you will still receive mail from your soon-to-be old address. Send emails to your friends and family, and try to change your address online with your bank, credit cards and other creditors.


  • Call your landline company, cable company, Internet provider and gas, electric, water and garbage companies to disconnect your service. If you are moving to a state that is serviced by the utility, you can get it reconnected at the same time. Call your utilities a month in advance of your move and tell them your move-out date. Call the utility companies that service your new home's area and have them set up so they are active when you arrive.

Moving and Packing

  • Compare prices of moving truck fees before you commit to a single company. Some moving truck companies also offer packers for an additional fee, and this may be helpful if you have a large household of furniture or if you have too much going on to spend time packing. You can also hire college students to help you pack; this may save you a lot of money. If your car is a newer model, you may not want to drive it a long distance to your new home; check with the moving companies to see if they have a tow trailer that will carry your car to the new state.


  • Inform your doctor and your children's doctors about your move, and let your insurance companies know as well. Don't forget your homeowner's insurance, renter's insurance, car insurance and health insurance. Have all your medical records, as well as your family's records, transferred to your new doctors. This includes all prescriptions you may have.

School Records

  • Have your children's school records transferred to the new school district. Make sure you have copies of your children's birth certificates and immunization records, which may be needed by their new school.


  • Don't forget to keep receipts for all of the costs associated with moving, because you may be able to claim them as deductions from your taxes.


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