Deck Lattice Ideas


Lattice panels are small strips of wood or vinyl connected together in a cross design. Lattice can lend a more polished and clean look to a deck. Wooden panels come in a variety of color and species, such as cedar, redwood and pine. Vinyl panels withstand the weather better and come in shades of white, green, wood grain and blue.

Lattice Basics

  • Normally, the size of lattice panels is 4 by 8 feet. The panels are cut with a circular saw to fit a desirable area. Attach the panels to the deck with nails or staples.
    Lattice panels are quite economical and produce storage in some areas and add a new dimension to the deck.


  • Decks that have open spaces underneath are perfect for lattice panels. When cut to size, attach the panels to the outside floor of the deck to enclose the open space. This creates a storage area for water hoses, lawn furniture or garbage cans. Stray animals or pests will not be able to nest under the deck as well.

    Install lattice panels to the deck railing and the floor of the deck for safety. This helps to keep children, plants and other things from falling off the deck.

    Install lattice from the railing to the roof to enclose the deck. Alternatively, if the sun is too bright on one side of the deck, install the lattice to that side. This cuts the amount of sun on the deck and creates a dappled look on the deck.


  • Cut 10-inch wide strips of vinyl lattice in a length required to create an arbor entrance over the handrails. Plant Carolina Jasmine on each side as well. The jasmine will climb up the arbor and create a lightly fragranced entrance.

    Cut small sections of vinyl lattice and glue them together to create lanterns to place on the deck. Use a citronella candle in a metal can to keep the pests away.

    Create planters with lattice to hold the unsightly plant pots.

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