Troubleshooting an HP Laserjet 1200

HP LaserJet 1200
HP LaserJet 1200

The HP LaserJet 1200 printer is a 1200 dpi printer with postscript emulation built in. The print speed is 15 pages per minute, with no waiting for the first page, on letter-size paper. Up to 64 Mb of additional memory can be installed. The LaserJet 1200 communicates with the user through three lights on the front panel. The green button lights up when printing in manual-feed mode. When the printer is idle, only the small green ready light is lit. If the amber attention light is on, this indicates the toner door is open, there's a missing toner cartridge or another type of error.

Paper Jams

The LaserJet 1200 has two paper inputs, a regular paper tray and a priority input tray that is used for envelopes, labels and transparencies. Paper jams rarely happen with the HP LaserJet 1200. If you can see paper sticking out of the input or output tray, try to remove it gently. If you encounter resistance or if the page tears, turn off the lights in the room to avoid exposing the toner to light. Open the toner door, which is above the paper tray, and the output door, and rotate the green levers down. At this point, you might be able to remove the jammed paper. If not, remove the toner cartridge. Grasp the page in both hands and gently pull it free. Replace the toner cartridge and close the doors. The cartridge and the levers will slide back into place.

Paper jam locations
Paper jam locations

Laser Printer Paper

The paper tray will hold 250 sheets of 20 lb paper. The paper should be stored flat, preferably in its original packaging. Laser printer paper generally comes in a moisture-proof package stating it is compatible with laser printers. Paper for use in a laser printer must be at least 20 lb with a smooth finish. Rough or recycled papers, or very thin paper such as onionskin, are not suitable as they tend to jam in the machine or print incorrectly. Adhesive-backed address or file folder labels for laser printers, which can withstand the intense heat of the fusing process, are readily available. Perforated paper, raised letterhead or paper with ragged edges are not suitable for use in the HP LaserJet.

Print Quality

If you notice your printed pages are lighter in some areas than others, this probably means your toner is about to run out. You can get a few more pages from a toner cartridge. Turn off the lights and remove the toner cartridge. Shake it from side to side about 10 times, then put the toner cartridge back in the machine and reset. If the whole page is lighter than it's supposed to be, try turning off EconoMode. Vertical lines and repetitive vertical defects at the same spot on each page are caused by a scratched drum. Every new toner cartridge contains a new drum, so replace the cartridge. If the printing comes out skewed on the page, take some or all of the paper out of the input tray and reload.

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