Fun Ways to Lose Weight

Losing weight can be a tremendous burden for people who are trying it for the first, fifth or 15th time. In most cases, losing weight is not fun; it requires work and effort and maybe even some unwelcome pain in order to gain the pleasure of feeling better. There is only one proven method for weight loss and that is to find a means that is enjoyable enough to continue, however long is necessary. What that means can vary considerably.

  1. Strategy

    • The strategy when it comes to fun ways to lose weight is to determine what is fun and aerobically challenging. Weight training is not enough to lose weight; eventually anyone looking to shed pounds is going to have to bite the bullet and get active aerobically. Aerobic exercise can be boiled down to activity, so the key is to find a way to enjoy activity.

    Playing Games

    • One way to make activity fun is to play a game that can take your mind off the deadening sameness of aerobic exercise. Get a recumbent bike so you can have two free hands and place that bike in front of a television. Hook up a video game console to the television and as you bike for at least a half hour and preferably an hour four or five days a week make the time pass by playing your favorite video game.

    Forget You're Exercising

    • Another fun way to lose weight is by engaging in an aerobic workout that doesn't seem like exercise at all. There exist a number of different activities that have actually worked their way into the mainstream of fitness that are constructed around this idea. Consider martial arts, belly dancing, pole dancing, gymnastics, ocean swimming or anything that provides aerobic activity but does not have the psychological stigma of being a real workout attached.


    • For consenting adults, there may be no more fun way to lose weight than by making love. Every aspect of lovemaking from kissing to intercourse burns calories, and the more vigorous the lovemaking, the more calories are burned. According to Calorielab, the number of calories burned during lovemaking can vary according to things as diverse as the location, apparel worn and position. While any kind of lovemaking can help lose weight, tantric lovemaking has a similarity to yoga and can help with improving flexibility and balance which in turn may spur you toward more varied types of fun ways to lose weight.

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