Fun Games for a Boy's Birthday Party


Planning a birthday party for a boy can be exhausting just to think about. One of the most crucial parts of a party is to have plenty of good games to keep the kids engaged. Some of the best parties have only fun games, with only a little cake and ice cream for snacks. Here are a few party-game ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

Wear Them Out

  • Sometimes the key to birthday parties is getting kids to burn off some of their energy.

    For younger children, play the "Animal Tail" game: make strips of cloth at least one yard long and have the kids tuck them into the back of their pants so the cloth just touches the ground. Then have the kids chase after each other, trying to step on each others' tails. When a tail is stepped on, that kid is out. The last one with a tail is the winner, then start all over again.

    For older kids, try a variety of musical chairs or a treasure hunt.

Exercise Their Minds

  • Kids love a good game of charades or Pictionary to warm up their minds.
    Try a tower-building contest using only toothpicks and marshmallows.
    A popular party game is "Who Am I?," during which guests have the name of a famous person, an animal, or even a food on an index card stuck to their backs and must ask questions of their friends to figure out who they are (for younger kids you can use pictures instead of words).

Send 'em Outside

  • With the noise and larger crowds of birthday parties, being outside is always a plus. And you'll be hard-pressed to find a kid who doesn't enjoy water balloon games in the summer (or at least watching if they're hydrophobic). Try a water balloon toss, hot potato, or even a water war.

    If it's not quite water balloon season, try a fun game of Freeze Tag or Blind Man's Bluff or divide up and have a relay race. For little kids, even Duck Duck Goose can provide some good entertainment.

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