Natural Ways to Stop Coughing


A cough is the body’s natural response to an aggravation within the airway or in the throat, according to the Mayo Clinic. While coughing is a normal occurrence, when a cough persists for several days and if mucus is accompanying the cough, a normal act turns into an annoying one. While medical attention should never be shunned, especially for a cough lasting up to two weeks, there are natural remedies to try to soothe your cough.


Inhaling steam that is mixed with oils is a common method for controlling a cough. Aromatherapy is used not only as a cough-suppressant but also as a stress-reducer. The use of essential oils through aromatherapy allows the lungs to absorb nutrients that can soothe irritated airways and reduce coughing.
Boil 3 quarts of water and place in a large bowl. Add fifteen drops of eucalyptus oil to the water. Place a towel over your head so it covers the bowl and allows steam to gather. Breathe normally for 10 minutes and allow the steam to open internal airways. It’s best to perform this seated at a table.
The properties of the eucalyptus oil work as a decongestant, which will loosen any phlegm irritating the throat and lungs.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar works directly with the body to reduce the amount of mucus that forms within the throat and nasal passageways. The minerals and properties within the vinegar work to level out pH balances within the body, which is beneficial during a chest cold.
Mix 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar into 5 ounces of cold water. Stir the mixture and take several sips whenever the coughing sensation begins. Consume during the morning when coughing is most prevalent. If the taste is unbearable, sweeten with 1 tablespoon of natural agave nectar.

Milk and Honey

Because persistent coughing can irritate the throat, which leads to further coughing, soothing the throat is essential for relief. Milk and honey are natural supplements to soothe an irritated throat and to reduce coughing severity. For those allergic to milk, soy milk can be used as an alternative.
Warm 1 cup of milk and then mix in 1 tablespoon of honey. Stir the mixture for two minutes to ensure both ingredients are properly mixed. Drink whenever a coughing episode begins or ends.

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