The Best Flea Shampoo for Cats


Cats are sensitive creatures and prone to having fleas inhabit their exterior. To take care of this problem, there are plenty of topical solutions effective enough to kill the fleas, but sensitive enough not to hurt your cat. It is imperative to read directions carefully for proper use and to acquire the best results.

Bathe Your Cat

The first line of defense to get rid of fleas is to comb and bathe your cat frequently. First, fill a jar with bleach and keep it close. Get a flea comb and diligently comb the entire body of your cat. Fleas will collect onto the comb. Place the fleas in the jar and they will die. Any leftover fleas the comb did not pick up will die once the cat is in water. A thorough wash with a mild shampoo, flea dip or baby shampoo will work just as well.

Kill Fleas and Ticks

Many topical flea products work by damaging nerve receptors of the flea. They are generally used once a month, but, depending on your cat's environment, they may only have to be used once every eight to 10 weeks. Two products, Revolution and Frontline, are excellent for removing both fleas and ticks. Frontline's main ingredient is Fipronil; it is powerful at eliminating fleas and ticks on your cat. Revolution does the exact same thing with its main ingredient, Selamectin. This will also protect against heartworm and ear mites. It should never be used on cats under two months old.

Eliminate Future Pests

There is a product on the market that will not only kill fleas currently plaguing your cat, but will kill their eggs and larvae as well—it is called Bio Spot. Its main ingredients Permethrin and Nylar work in conjunction to dispose of fleas and their eggs. Because this is such a powerful flea control product, it should never be used on cats that are pregnant, nursing, geriatric or under three months old. Bio Spot should only be used once ever three months when used correctly.

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