Industrial Safety Rules


Safety in industry is a must. There is heavy machinery running in plant settings as well as fork lifts, high storage racks and shipping vans. Each type of industry is different in the types of machinery being operated; however, they can all do damage to an individual who is not paying attention to their surroundings. This is such an important aspect of the operation of an industrial plant, there are laws in place to make sure certain steps are followed to keep employees safe.

Individual Protection

When in comes to industrial safety rules, there is one above all else. Protecting the eyes is one of the main concerns in most every setting; safety glasses are a requirement of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration when eyes can become in contact with contaminants. On the off chance that someone is not obeying the rules, eye stations are usually set up to help wash out the eyes in the event that something gets in them. Another form of protection needed in some industrial settings is ear plugs to help protect hearing against the loud noise often found in factory settings. This is not needed in quieter plants, but, in some, the sound could damage hearing over time. When this is the case, safety rules require the wearing of ear protection; the industry usually requires a hearing test annually. If the machinery being used is hot or has the possibility of putting off steam or another hot substance, safety rules will state that a certain type of clothing or apron be used to protect the body. Gloves might also be required to protect hands. If a person is working in an area with heavy objects, the use of steel-toed shoes will be on the list of safety rules.

Fork Lifts and Shipping Area

Fork lifts can be dangerous to those working around them. Because of this, only certified employees are supposed to operate them. This rule is also applied to scissor lifts that can raise a person up to the higher levels of shipping racks. These moving machines are required to honk a horn on the control panel whenever they are going to cross an area occupied by people or around corners where they might not be seen until the last minute. The shipping area is also one of the main places you will find employees wearing steel-toed shoes.


Maintenance on equipment has its own set of safety rules. Equipment being worked on needs to be turned off; a tag is placed on the switch that turns the equipment on and off so that anyone approaching it knows the machine is being worked on. A different tag is placed on the equipment when it is safe to turn it on and off. This way the person working on the equipment is not in danger of the machine being turned on while maintenance is being done. Also, fire extinguishers must be places around the plant to ensure that one can be reached quickly in the event of a fire.

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