Atkins Diet Menu

Atkins Menu
Atkins Menu

The Atkins Diet is an approach to dieting that involves limited consumption of carbohydrates. Obesity is caused by eating excessive amounts of refined carbohydrates found in food items like sugar, flour and corn syrup. The Atkins diet forces the body to burn stored body fat by eliminating the high levels of glucose that enter the body when a person eats refined carbohydrates. An Atkins diet menu can help you metabolize body fat deposits and lose weight over time.

Atkins Breakfast

An Atkins breakfast starts with protein. Scramble or boil three eggs. Fry three strips of bacon and two sausage patties. Turkey burgers are an ideal substitute for the sausage patties if you want a low-fat option. Avoid juice and other beverages with sugar. Water or tea is best. If you drink coffee, use Splenda or another sugar substitute with zero calories to sweeten.

Atkins Lunch

Eat a healthy salad for lunch. Chicken salad is a good choice because of the protein and energy from the chicken. Combine lettuce and other leafy greens with chopped carrots and sliced tomatoes. Grill 6 oz. of chicken and add the slices to the salad. Boil an egg and split it in half for the salad. Add a sprinkle of Romano cheese and top the salad off with a balsamic vinegar dressing. Again, avoid beverages with sugar. Drink sugar-free sparkling water.

Atkins Dinner

Fish is a great option for an Atkins dinner. Choose your favorite kind of fish to fry. Tilapia, tuna, and salmon are all good choices. Fry two fish fillets and add salt to taste. Use hot pepper flakes for a spicy flavor if you like. Prepare a side salad of leafy greens, diced celery, and chopped onions with a Caesar salad dressing. Boil one cup of broccoli to eat along with the fish. Melt butter over the hot broccoli for a delicious taste. Finally, dice a tomato and add a dash of salt to go along with the broccoli. Cauliflower is a tasty substitute for broccoli, and you can always change up the salad ingredients. Avoid foods that have a lot of simple carbohydrates, such as pasta, potatoes, white bread and rice. You want your body to metabolize the excess fat deposits it has stored up, not the sugary glucose you consume with refined carbs.

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