Advertising Campaign Ideas

Soft drink companies do a great job with advertising campaigns to promote brand awareness.
Soft drink companies do a great job with advertising campaigns to promote brand awareness.

Coming up with an effective advertising campaign means considering a wide variety of issues. The product must be chosen for the advertising campaign, the target market must be determined and the advertising medium needs to be considered. An advertising angle needs to be developed and analysis must take place to determine if the advertising campaign is successful.

Choosing the Right Product

While choosing a product may seem pretty self explanatory, there are reasons to make sure you choose the right product. Choosing many products with a limited advertising budget will lead to a campaign with no cohesiveness or vision. Choosing a main product allows broad recognition and branding, and gives the company instant credibility in the market.

Target Audience

The target audience is very important. While many companies are interested in those between the ages of 20 and 40, not all products are obviously made for this group. A successful advertising campaign involves choosing what demographic will most want the product.

Choosing a Media

Advertising campaigns can be waged in many different ways. Television, radio and print get the most attention. However, there are also direct marketing efforts, billboards, direct printed material, online advertising and others to consider. Those interested in reaching children with a product will likely choose television, rather than newspaper advertising. Those who are looking at a market between 20 and 40 may choose a combination of television, radio, Internet and newspaper to some extent. An elderly market may not warrant online advertising and may put more toward newspapers, radios and television. Internet advertising offers greater interactivity. Newspaper advertising can give more details. Radio and television advertising is done to a captive audience that must watch or listen to ads in order to get to the other programming.

Advertising Angle

Whenever a marketing campaign is looking at how best to get a product marketed effectively, there are four things to consider: product, price, promotion, and placement. These are called the four Ps of marketing. All of these add to the marketing mix and price and promotion may be closely related. However, the promotional aspect involves the jingles, the logos and the mottoes that become so closely associated with the product. This branding, if done effectively, will make the product recognizable to the target market.


This may be one of the hardest aspects of any successful advertising campaign. Data needs to be gathered on what campaigns are effective, so that they can be continued or revised. This can be done through surveys, the use of coupons and online data. Coupons and online data can be tracked to see what locations bring in the most traffic and sales.

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