Hairstyles for Long, Curly Hair With Side Bangs


Side bangs can be fashionable, and even girls with curly hair want to get in on the action. Side bangs are just as compatible with curly hair as they are with straight hair. However, be prepared for a bit more work, especially if your hair is not only curly but long. There are two primary ways to style long curly hair with side bangs.

Curly Side Bangs

The first option is to allow your side bangs to curl like the rest of your hair. However, this option depends upon just how curly you hair is. Extremely kinky curls may not be ideal for this hairstyle. Layer your hair just in the front around your face--or all over, if you like. To style you hair, wash and condition it as usual. While hair is still damp, apply curl-shaping mousse to it and scrunch thoroughly, paying special attention to the shaping of the side bangs. Lightly scrunch the side bangs as they will tend to curl more tightly than the longer layers. Allow your hair to dry, or blow it dry, mist it with hairspray, and you should have curly side bangs that naturally flow into the rest of your hairstyle.

Straight Side Bangs

The next option is to separate your side bangs from the rest of your hair by making them straight. They will definitely stand out amid the rest of your curly hair. Keep in mind that straight side bangs in the context of curly hair are not stick-straight bangs; rather, they are lightly curled under or contain a slight wave. This kind of bangs is easy to achieve and can be paired with almost any long, curly hairstyle, whether layered or all one length. Simply straighten your side bangs with a straightener. However, as you clamp your bangs between the plates of the straightener and pull it through your bangs, begin to curl the bangs under as you reach the tips by turning the straightener under towards your face. Be careful not to burn yourself in the process.

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