SCUBA Diving Tips for Beginners

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Diving Requires Preparation and Training

There is nothing more fulfilling than exploring the vast depths of oceans among the diverse species of marine life. But scuba diving in any of the world's best diving spots requires the right kind of preparation.

  1. Before You Go

    • Before heading off for a first dive, a novice diver should be comfortable in the water and should be in reasonably good shape. Although scuba diving does not necessarily require rigorous swimming, being comfortable in open bodies of water is a must, as is a reasonable level of endurance. Beginners should enroll in a scuba diving certification course to get a taste of diving in a safe and controlled environment. Aside from being taught the basics by qualified dive instructors, would-be divers will learn important safety skills such as clearing a mask when it fills with water, managing low air supply and reinserting oxygen regulators. It is best to find a dive school that specializes in PADI certification. This is widely viewed as the premiere diving certification in the world.

    Gearing Up

    • Proper Equipment is Necessary

      Any scuba diving activity should only be undertaken with appropriate gear. This includes masks, fins, dive watch, buoyancy control devices (BCDs) and--if necessary--a wetsuit. New divers will more than likely be swimming with guides or more experienced divers who can help check for necessary equipment. Many dive shops provide rental equipment. But it is ultimately up to divers to make sure they have all necessary equipment and it is working properly. Divers might also want to consider their own mask and fins. These might be provided by a dive shop but might not fit comfortably.

    The First Dive

    • Scuba Diving Can Be Enjoyable

      One of the most important steps is to choose a reputable guide for your first dive. Ask ahead to check if the guides have experience handling beginning divers. If possible, beginners should don their equipment and test it in shallow water near the shore before embarking. Being relaxed in the water is important for scuba divers. It enables them to deal with any situations that might arise and also ensures an enjoyable experience. If proper preparation and training is undertaken before the first dive, the experience will be relaxed and memorable.

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