Ideas for Low Carb Snacks


A common question among low-carb-diet enthusiasts is "what do I eat for snacks"? Because snack foods like potato chips, candy, ice cream and cookies are all off-limits on low-carb diets, it's easy to find yourself wondering what to eat in between meals. Having a good selection of low-carb snacks on hand can keep you from giving into temptation and can make your low-carb lifestyle more enjoyable.

Snack Ideas

Cheese is one of the more common low-carb snacks. Dieters often turn to cheese sticks or cubes because they're fast and convenient. Cheese can also be used to quell cravings for the crunchy texture of potato chips. Simply place cheese cubes or small piles of shredded cheese on a microwave-safe plate and cook until the cheese melts and becomes crispy. Try spreading cream cheese on slices of deli meat and rolling it up into pinwheels. Some low-carb plans also allow you to have cottage cheese or ricotta cheese.

Vegetables may seem boring, considering they're usually a part of your meals, but there are several ways to make vegetables interesting snacks. Try making a dip out of cream cheese and your favorite herbs or seasonings and dipping a variety of raw vegetables into it. Use lettuce leaves to make quick and easy wraps filled with chicken, tuna or egg salad. Celery sticks are a great vehicle for low-carb dips or sugar-free peanut butter. Vegetables also make great "secret" additions to low- carb shakes and smoothies. When blended in, you hardly taste them, but get all the nutrients. Gourmet-food lovers might enjoy a tomato and fresh mozzarella salad.

Try protein- or meat-based snacks, such as hard-boiled or deviled eggs, sugar-free beef jerky or crispy baked tofu. You can make another type of mock potato chip by microwaving pepperoni slices until they are crispy. Nuts and seeds are also great high-protein snacks, but must be eaten in moderation and are not allowed in all phases of some low-carb diets. Try sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds or almonds.

Finally, convenience foods for low-carb diets are easier to find than ever. When purchasing convenience foods, be sure to read the labels and avoid excessive amounts of sugar substitutes and sugar alcohols, which stall weight loss in some people. Convenience foods include sugar-free gelatin, low-carb snack bars, low-carb cookies and low-carb ice cream treats. Some people find they can eat these foods occasionally, while others find they can't eat them at all.

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