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Adobe Photoshop is made by the same company that created Adobe PDFs, so there is an option to save your Photoshop file as a PDF file. However, when you're using this program, your PDFs are not broken up into layers, so you have to do a lot of intensive editing if you want to change the file around. Next to InDesign, Photoshop is one of the best options for creating a PDF from scratch if you are going to use the file for printing purposes.

  1. PDF Page Selector

    • When you first open your PDF document in Photoshop, you will be prompted with the "PDF Page Selector" dialog box. Use this box to navigate through your PDF file and select the exact pages that you want to work on. If you need to edit or view multiple PDF pages within the file at a time, open each one individually and either tile or cascade them across the screen (go to "Window" then "Documents" to lay out the pages on your screen).

    PDF Image Size

    • Before you open your PDF file you will also be given a option to change the image size, including resolution, height and width. If you want the PDF image to show as a small Internet picture, change the width to about 450 pixels across for a large-sized image, 300 pixels for a medium size, and 150 pixels for a small image, and convert it to a JPG or GIF file in Photoshop. Leave the PDF at its original size (usually 8.5 by 11 inches, since that is the standard page size) if you plan to print the PDF file later. Ensure that the "Constrain Proportions" box is checked (click "Image" then "Image Size") so that the height will fall into place accordingly when you have to make an image size change.

    Pick the Right Color Mode

    • When you're editing your PDF in Photoshop, open it in CMYK mode if you plan to print it, and RGB or Grayscale mode if you plan to display it on a website.

    Saving Your PDF

    • Once you're ready to save your PDF file in Photoshop, you'll be saving it as a "Photoshop PDF." After choosing "Save as" click the "Format" box and select "Photoshop PDF" from the list. The difference is mostly in the size of the file---standard PDFs that are made using Acrobat or other PDF creation software are much smaller than most Photoshop PDF files. Standard PDFs are best for online use, while Photoshop PDFs are best for printing.
      You can set security settings for the PDF file as you would in Acrobat as well. After you choose the PDF format and click "Save," you will be taken to a dialog box where you can set PDF security options (password, no printing and other details).

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