Unusual Advertising Ideas


Every business owner is looking for some unusual advertising ideas that will make her business stand out. While your competitors are fighting over traditional advertising media such as radio, print and television ads, you can stay ahead of the curve by using any of these unique advertising ideas.

Car Wraps

If you live in a large city, advertising on cars may be a great idea for spreading your company's name and gaining new customers. Cars can be “wrapped” with the name, web address, phone number and logo of your business, causing the vehicle to serve as your business card and providing hundreds or thousands of people exposure to your business that may not have been reached through traditional advertising methods. After all, you would certainly have a captive audience while stuck in rush hour traffic, wouldn't you? And since people are used to seeing advertisements on billboards and not cars, they are more likely to notice and remember your company since it’s not what was expected.

You have the option of having your own personal or company car wrapped with the advertisement or paying other drivers to place it on their cars. There are certain companies that act as an intermediary between businesses and drivers so that companies can choose a driver who will expose their company’s brand to their target consumer and drive the required amount of miles, and drivers can pick which brand they’d be comfortable with.

Online Networking

Many people use online social networks for personal reasons, but only recently have businesses started to take advantage of this type of media outlet. Websites such as Myspace, Facebook and Twitter are free and can easily be used in order to promote your business. With just a few taps of the keyboard you can tell unlimited people about your store's grand opening, sales and other announcements that you would have to normally pay for in order to get exposure. Most of these websites are free to join and can also allow your online friends or customers to spread the word virally about your business.

Public Places

If you are looking for more unique ways to gain exposure for your business, examine which areas in your city are really popular and gather lots of people together. Some examples include movie theaters, local doctor's offices, churches, restaurants and even hospitals. If there is a billboard or empty space, ask the owner or someone else in management if it would be okay to leave some flyers or business cards.

Support a Charity

Another unique advertising idea is to combine a social cause or charity with your business. It allows your business to be aligned with something worthwhile and could give your company the opportunity to be exposed to many more potential consumers than you would normally. You can also strengthen your company’s brand and message by choosing a charity that’s related to your industry or field of business. For instance, if you sell children's clothing you can choose a charity such as Make-A-Wish or the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Contact local charity groups and find out what upcoming events will need sponsors. You could give some of your products away in a raffle, announce that you will be donating a percentage of profits to charity or even just hang a banner with the name of your business. It's all up to you how much you would like to donate to them and your level of involvement.

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