What Gets Rid of Pet Odors?


Pet odors present a problem for pet lovers because the odor of pet feces or urine is both unpleasant, and resistant to removal. Secondly, dogs and cats instinctively return to the odor of dog or cat feces or urine, for a repeat performance. The only way to stop your pet from using the bathroom at the site of the odor is to remove the odor permanently from the effected area. Products for the effective removal of pet odors are available in pet stores, your vet's office and via the Internet.

Locating Effected Areas

  • As a general rule, pet accidents should be removed immediately; however, the pet guardian may not always be aware that an accident has occurred. Once a cat or dog urine stain has dried, it may not be easily located without special care in doing so. Dried urine or fecal stains can be effectively identified by use of a black light bulb in a dark room. Once the area of the stain and odor has been discovered, it can be effectively removed from the carpet or furniture.

Stain and Odor Removal

  • Problem areas should first be deep cleaned by use of a water extraction carpet-cleaning machine, or intensive rinsing in the case of furniture, initially using cold water only with no chemicals or cleaners. Once the deep cleaning process is accomplished, a pet odor neutralizing agent, usually sold in powdered form, should be sprinkled upon the effected area of the carpet or furniture. These agents generally contain live enzymes that digest the protein and bacteria causing odors, permanently removing them from the carpet or furniture. Most odor neutralizing agents also include mild cleansers that remove discoloration produced by fecal or urine pet stains. These products are sold in pet stores, in your vet's office and via the Internet.


  • A number of odor neutralizers are available on the market. SCOE 10X is highly recommended by a number of personal testimonies on the Good Housekeeping website and is reported to be highly effective without smelling of perfume or deodorizer. Doodoo Voodoo is also available to remove pet urine, feces, bile, blood, and other related odors. Doodoo Voodoo is marketed as an earth-friendly alternative that does not utilize harsh chemicals or strong perfumes and is safe for pets and humans, meeting all Green Standards for environmental safety. Similar products for pet odor removal can be found via the Internet, and in popular pet publications such as Dog Fancy, Cat Fancy and Dog World.

Shampoos and Sprays

  • Some dogs live both inside and outside consistently. Many pet specialty shampoos and deodorizing sprays are available in pet stores, at your vet's office and through catalog shipping houses to assist with eliminating odor from your pet whether she is an inside pet, outside pet or both. Petsmart and Doctors Foster and Smith have websites for easy online access, as do others, in order to locate the products you need to keep your best friend smelling sweet.

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