Creative Yearbook Ideas

Every yearbook is expected to have certain elements: student photos, teacher photos, team photos, pages dedicated to extracurricular activities and dances, etc. In order to truly remember that particular school year, you need to add elements that capture the students in action. Consider giving students a personal connection to the yearbook by allowing them to have input. Following are a few ideas for creating a truly unique yearbook that students will be excited to receive.

  1. Personalized Components

    • Allow students to submit a quote to go under their photo. Or, if you have the time, allow students to submit their own photo. Be sure to give them a submissions deadline.

      Another way to give a custom feel to the yearbook is to add a blank profile page for the yearbook owner. Put it towards the front of the book. When they receive their yearbook, they can choose to fill it out if they wish. Begin the page with space for the student to write their name, age and grade. Continue the page with prompt questions like: What is your favorite TV show? Movie? Music? Who are your friends? What is your favorite food? What are your passions/interests? The answers will be fun to look back on in the years to come.

    Student Art

    • Keep up with art classes. Get pictures of artwork and student projects. Ask the art teacher for files of digital photography or digital art. Create collage pages dedicated to art that was made by current students.

    Goofy Pictures

    • Remember to take plenty of pictures of students throughout the year. Ask them to make funny faces or pose together. Find groups of students enjoying lunch or playing Frisbee. Don't forget to get photos on Halloween---a great time to find people stepping out of their comfort zones! Once you have a ton of great pictures of a variety of students, make collage pages and disperse them throughout the yearbook. This will keep students turning the page to see what might have been caught on camera.

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